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This is our news section; where you can keep up to date on our latest race reports, club action and much more:


Ian Pearson – Trinity Park 19/07/2017

‘Much better form tonight. Not sure if it was a bit of time off the bike or the special Dutch socks but I felt I could dictate the race rather than simply react.

I went from the gun with a guy from IBC and after two laps we had a group of 7. It probably would have stuck if we had kept going but there was the usual looking around and things came back together. Still, 280w average for the first 10mins certainly split things up.

Conditions were pretty tough with the long straight being a full on cross wind but then that suits me. I had another go with 6 laps left, putting it in the gutter and stringing the field out at around 50kph. It got rid of a few more but tbh it hurt my legs quite a bit too.

I took a rest for the next few laps and the pace settled down quite a bit. Everyone else that tried to get away was chased down immediately so we settled in for the usual gallop.

It was the usual last lap mess and heading into the final corner I got a little swamped probably exiting in around 10th. It actually worked to my benefit as it was a head wind sprint. Put my head down, gaps opened up and I was lunging for the line before I knew it. 700w for 16s had me collapsing on the grass.

I think I took 4th but will have to wait for the results. There was a wheel between 2nd and 5th.

223w av/ 252w NP.’

Bernard Morrison – Dunwich Dynamo Double + 09/07/2017

230-odd miles for Dave Williams and I with some other Colchester riders at the Dunwich Dynamo. We turned it into a DunRun Double, riding into Hackney, through the night to Dunwich, and then back from Dunwich to Colchester.
On arrival at London Fields, and with 50 miles in the legs, our preparation consisted of beers and pizza. We even spotted Andrew Holmes amongst the throng of cyclists, gearing up for a solo effort.
At 8.30pm, we headed off. After negotiating the Saturday night traffic out of London, including some stupid antics from a car full of youths (they gave Evan Davies a shove as they drove past) we settled into a rhythm, picking our way through the brightly lit bikes.
But this was not an event for the racers, and we exchanged friendly banter with many of the other riders, who had come from all over the UK.
The weather was ideal for the event. A warm, sunny Saturday afternoon and dry conditions overnight, with with a barely recognisable headwind.
Further beer/coffee stops were the order of the night, at Dunmow and Gt Waldingfield, near Sudbury, with burgers and bacon rolls at the latter.
The last stretch to Dunwich was the most serene, as the crowds of cyclists thinned out, and the light growing in the Eastern skies, but it was also the most mentally challenging, seeming to take forever to tick off those last 30 miles to the beach.
On our arrival at Dunwich, the cafe churned out bacon and egg rolls, and full English breakfasts with a military efficiency.
After a short rest, and full stomachs, we pushed on to Ipswich. Legs were growing tired at this point. A steady pace kept it all together, and the final stop for breakfast part 2 at Suffolk Food Hall was very welcome. Retracing VCRs usual route to the cafe, we were back in Colchester around 11am, for showers and sleep.
The Dunwich Dynamo is an awesome event, which brings together people who like riding their bikes, in a friendly spirit. I highly recommend it.
Thanks to Dave, Evan, Ian Fox, Andy Thompson and Chris Cant for sharing the adventure. A top group of lads to spend 24 hours with.

Connor Price – MSG 21/06/2017

Race Report from one of our 21 year old young guns Connor Price. He will be winning in no time we are sure!

So guys I raced for the first time since mid 2015 in the MSG Series this weekend. The race was held at Phoenix Bike Park after switching venues just weeks before. I didnt know what to expect from myself or anyone i was up against. My aims were simple drink all my drinks (as i never do and feel terrible afterwards due to it), take each and every A line and complete all my laps i need to do (as in 2015 i was very hit and miss with that one and knew if i did i would get a half decent result out of it). The course was fast, dusty and had lots of turns. Practice was good, i took it slow, looked at each A line and watch a few elite riders go down them before trying it myself (which helped). So the race started quick as we were on a very long straight at first, when my catergory got to the first corner someone went OTB but as i started last (due to not having a gridding/ranking position) i jumped around the outside and over took a hand full of riders, i kept going at a nice speed on the first lap then during the second i tried to over take anyone and everyone i came across once i got onto the third lap i was feeling the heat (from the race and the actual heat) and had to try my best to try cool and this was pretty much it for the rest of the race. After i finished i just did what i did back in 2015 and came straight home without looking at the result (as to be honest i thought i had done the same as back then a 20 to 25th position) but yesterday i found out i came 12th and couldnt believe it! 

Ian Pearson – Trinity Park 28/06/2017

A racers chance?

Trinity Park Round 2 tonight. Couldn’t have been a more different race to last week. Felt pretty rubbish from the start and every corner was a full on battle to hold position. Riders coming from every direction trying to move up. I fought to stay in the top 5 for around 25 minutes when the inevitable happened and a Maningtree Wheeler turned left on me in a right hand corner. I clipped bars with another rider and unclipped but managed to stay up but it put me out the back of the group and it took a good half lap to chase back on. Trying to ride on the back of a 4th cat crit is horrific and after another lap and half I’d had enough. I sat up and rode the last 10 minutes on my own at tempo. 220w av/247w NP. On to next week.

Ian Pearson – Trinity Park 21/06/2017

Popped my 2017 race cherry tonight at Trinity Park.

Three things to note:

1. Don’t arrange 3pm meetings in the East End when your race is at 6.40pm.
2. You need suspension at Trinity.
3. 40 mins is really short.

Basically my plan was to stay in the front 5 but not see the front until the last couple of laps. All went to plan and I felt very comfortable throughout. We let a solo rider go off the front after about 4 laps and held him at 10 seconds. Nothing to worry about we would pull him back in when we were ready.

The bunch was pretty reluctant to work and most of the pulling on the front was done by Paul Goldsmith who looked strong throughout.

Having had no warm up it took a while for my legs to come to me and I was just contemplating whether to have pizza or egg on toast for dinner when the bell was rung.

I spent the next half a lap asking riders around me if there were primes before I realised this was the last lap. Positioning into the last corner was ok but I got pushed slightly onto the grass and couldn’t get the power down.

I ended up 7th and Paul a deserved 4th.

As for the guy that went on the 4th lap, he won it solo. Bloody 4th cats.

Not the fastest race at 38kmh/24mph. 217w av/237w NP. Well within what I’ve been putting out in training and I didn’t really feel like I’d been in a race. Still points is points.

Maybe see some of you there next week.

Andrew Elderfield – North Wield 20/06/2017

North Wield TLI race: I enjoyed tonight racing. It was a handicapped race. A steady start before me and Barry Neil lifted the pace up. That caused some ruptures in the bunch. Then four of the fast boys caught our group and jumped away. Me, Ian Samuel and chelmer rider chased and broke away to form second break . We chased for number laps, sitting at about 15 seconds.before finally the elastic broke. After 25 minutes or so away we were caught by the bunch, which was now all together , part of the break still away. I made a mistake near the end and attack thinking it was a lap to go but in fact it was four to go. Shame as I had the speed. Race was a long, 32 miles. Everyone said it was hard.